About Us

The word “Wlee” means “money” in several African dialects.

Wlee is currently establishing operations in Liberia, West Africa, where we are licensed to operate. We plan to expand operations throughout West Africa in the near future.

Convenient access to banking services is a huge problem across Africa. Wlee aims to solve that problem.
Wlee believes there is a better way to bank: from your phone.

Whether you live in a rural or urban area, with Wlee, you pay for goods, receive remittances, or simply send or receive money to/from family and friends from your phone without the need for cash.

If you are a business owner, Wlee helps you accept mobile and credit card payments, distribute payroll, pay suppliers across borders, and establish a loyalty and reward program.

If you are a customer, quickly and easily setup a Wlee account through one of our agents or at a local Wlee office with or without a government ID. Send money to family and friends for free, receive remittance directly to your Wlee wallet (no more standing in line), buy airtime, connect to your bank, apply for a loan, and explore many more banking features using the Wlee app or USSD.
Contact support to learn more about Wlee and how you can bank from your phone.