About WleePay

Our mission is that anyone with a phone can pay, receive, or bank from anywhere anytime.

Wlee believes there is a better way to bank from your phone.
Whether you live in a rural or urban area, you should be able to:

Pay for goods
Receive remittances
Send or receive money to/from family and friends…
…on your phone without the need for cash

Unlocking access to your WleeWallet

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Available on android & iOS

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Self enroll: selfie + mobile phone no.



Multi layer security


Your phone, your bank!


Our Services


Open a customer account in minutes on your own

Mobile Wallet

Send money locally or across Africa


Mobile Payment

Fast, free and easy  local transfer

Remittance to Wallet

Receive remittance direct to your wallet


Bank Connect

Link your bank account to your wallet


Shop in the Wlee online marketplace


Virtual Credit Card

Get a virtual visa card linked to your wallet

Paycheck to wallet

Your paycheck direct to your wallet


Find Agent

Use GPS/Location information to find/contact nearby agents


Inexpensive smartphone for you.


Mobile banking, much more than mobile money

Wleepay is an app-based mobile financial services platform that enables Africans in rural and urban areas to access banking and payment services via their cell phones


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Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about our services and solutions.